Safety First, Always.

Your Safety is my first priority” – Jessica Rose.

Here at Jessica Rose Aesthetics, we only use the highest quality researched products available, purchased through approved pharmacies.

Your treatment doesn’t finish when you leave the door- if you were to need any follow up appointments, emergency advice or aftercare following any procedure- I am here for you. I work closely with a medical prescriber who, in case of emergency, can prescribe any medication you might need.

I will always advise on what I think is best and will suit your face and natural features, I will always be honest in what I think you may or may not require- your results will speak for themselves.

You will never feel rushed or pressured into a treatment here at Jessica Rose Aesthetics, consultations are complimentary and you are not obliged to feel the need to proceed with a treatment you are not comfortable with or do not need. Consultations are brilliant to ask any and all questions you may have and to discuss your expectations, nothing is too simple to ask- in fact the more questions the better! That’s how we all learn! During your consultation, your Botox will be prescribed to you as it is a prescription only medication.


Let’s talk more safety, as that is the key to a perfect treatment and getting to know your Aesthetics Practitioner. Jessica holds Advanced First Aid qualifications, Anaphylactic Shock management and managing complication qualifications and training.

Jessica also holds the Advanced training protocols required to administer Hyaluronidase. This is extremely important and Hyaluronidase is always on hand in all Clinic locations incase of an emergency with your treatment. This would be administered if a blood vessel were to become blocked with filler, as an Advanced Practitioner highly trained in complications, Jessica would be able to see the first signs of a blocked blood vessel which if left untreated would cause Necrosis. An occlusion of the blood vessels would stop the blood flow to the area and would eventually cause Necrosis- death of the living tissue. At the first sign of a complication, Jessica will inject the area with Hyaluronidase, changing the composition of the filler to a watery consistency to ensure the allow the filler to unblock within the Vessel.

Awareness of occlusions and other complications is not intended to scare you away from continuing with a treatment- it is to ensure you that at Jessica Rose Aesthetics you are in safe hands.